• DWAG and national partners at the Dail 12.12.12

Community Work Case Studies

Our action groups are made up of the people affected by the issues. Supported by MRCI, they make change happen. In recent years, the Domestic Workers Action Group and the Forced Labour Action Group have seen extraordinary results from their
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Workers on the Move: Past Lessons and Future Perspectives on Ireland’s Labour Migration

While almost twenty years have passed since Ireland first became a country of positive net migration, little attention has been given to the lessons learned throughout this period. Workers on the Move provides a comprehensive overview of labour migration in Ireland – from policy to reality.
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Protection, Resettlement and Integration: Ireland’s Response to the Refugee & Migration Crisis

Protection, Resettlement and Integration: Ireland’s Response to the Refugee and Migration Crisis This report makes a series of recommendations to the Irish government, including: Making family reunification a reality without systematic barriers to allow refugees resettle in Ireland; Encouraging EU
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All Work and Low Pay: The Experience of Migrants Working in Ireland

November 2015: New research conducted with migrants working in low-paid sectors in Ireland has revealed that exploitation, lack of progression and discrimination are rife. Migrants working in the restaurant sector, security, home care and domestic work were surveyed and highlighted
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