Justice for the Undocumented

Justice for the Undocumented (JFU) is a community of people living in Ireland without an official status. JFU campaigns for a pathway to papers for all undocumented people in Ireland. We believe that if you live here, you belong here.

About the Campaign

MRCI has been working with undocumented people since it was founded in 2001. In response to growing numbers of undocumented people accessing the Drop-In Centre, and the clear need for a comprehensive solution, MRCI supported undocumented people to come together to form the Justice for the Undocumented Campaign group (JFU) in 2010.

JFU members have taken action many times as part of this campaign, with undocumented people bravely coming forward and showing their faces in marches, vigils, banner drops, selfies, press conferences and even contributing to parliamentary debates.

Finally, in late 2021, after 11 years of campaigning across Ireland, Justice for the Undocumented and MRCI won a major victory: the government announced that a regularisation scheme for long-term undocumented people would open in early 2022.

After 11-years of hard grafting and campaigning, we won! On December 3rd 2021, the government announced a Regularisation Scheme for long-term undocumented people living in Ireland. It was fought and won by brave undocumented people who came forward and spoke about their experiences. Over 11,000 people applied across the two strands of this life changing scheme.

Over the years, we also had other significant victories. In 2009 we won the right for undocumented people who previously held a work permit to apply for a new one. In 2018, we won a scheme that allowed undocumented people who came as students between 2005 and 2010 to apply for a legal status. Over 3,000 people got their status through this student scheme.

Thanks to JFU, thousands of people and their families now have a secure immigration status and can live normal lives in their home here in Ireland.

While JFU has had great victories, we know many people continue to live undocumented in Ireland. That is why MRCI and JFU will continue to push for a clear pathway to papers for all undocumented people so that no-one has to live or grow up undocumented in Ireland.

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