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  • Support people to access their rights through 1:1 casework in our Drop-In Centre
  • Campaign with undocumented people to get their papers
  • Tackle racism and discrimination in the labour market
  • Combat the exploitation of agri-food workers and much more.
“MRCI has helped and fought alongside so many migrant workers with regards to injustice, exploitation, racism and other issues concerning people with a migrant background. At MRCI we are a family, we are in a safe place.”

– Imelda, Community Organiser

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Jayson Montenegro (JFU member) meets Minister for Justice Helen McEntee about a regularisation scheme for undocumented people



Young, Paperless & Powerless deliver an open letter signed by thousands to the Dáil



The Restaurant Workers Action Group fights for better conditions for fast food workers



After a 19-day occupation of their former workplace, the Paris Bakery workers celebrate success



MRCI campaigners protest work permit rules tying migrants to exploitative employers



The founding of Ireland's very first care co-op led by migrant workers



Justice for the Undocumented founder Jayson is the first person to speak publically about being undocumented in Ireland



President Higgins visits an exhibition of one thousand paper cranes made by Justice for the Undocumented members



Mohammed Younis is vindicated by the Supreme Court – his former employer owes him over €90,000 for 7 years of exploitation



The Migrant Education Access Group win more equal access to third level for the children of migrants



Ireland ratifies the Domestic Work Convention after a vigorous campaign by the Domestic Workers Action Group