Jayson Montenegro (JFU member) meets Minister for Justice Helen McEntee about a regularisation scheme for undocumented people



Young, Paperless & Powerless deliver an open letter signed by thousands to the Dáil



The Restaurant Workers Action Group fights for better conditions for fast food workers



After a 19-day occupation of their former workplace, the Paris Bakery workers celebrate success



MRCI campaigners protest work permit rules tying migrants to exploitative employers



The founding of Ireland's very first care co-op led by migrant workers



Justice for the Undocumented founder Jayson is the first person to speak publically about being undocumented in Ireland



President Higgins visits an exhibition of one thousand paper cranes made by Justice for the Undocumented members



Mohammed Younis is vindicated by the Supreme Court – his former employer owes him over €90,000 for 7 years of exploitation



The Migrant Education Access Group win more equal access to third level for the children of migrants



Ireland ratifies the Domestic Work Convention after a vigorous campaign by the Domestic Workers Action Group


About us

MRCI is a national organisation working with migrants and their families in Ireland to promote justice, empowerment and equality.


We’ve supported groups of workers when their employers abandoned them, documented racism on our streets and at our borders, won landmark victories for domestic workersvictims of forced labourstudentsundocumented workers and families.

From the start, our work has been led by dedicated campaigners affected by the very issues they fight against – restaurant workersau pairsundocumented young people and more – and supported by countless allies from across Ireland and abroad.


Right now, we handle 2,000 cases a year in our drop-in centre, helping people in Ireland live and work in safety and stability. We bring people together to fight for their rights as undocumented migrants, to make sure workers are valued, to help young people in Ireland live full and free lives. We’re building Ireland’s first care co-op run by migrant care workers, with decades of experience and endless determination. With partners on both sides of the border, we’re supporting workers in the border region.

Our office at 13 Lower Dorset Street is a hive of activity – a hub for late-night campaign meetings, a second home for some of Ireland’s most dedicated activists, and a safe and welcoming place for people at their lowest moments.


We believe people should be able to move in safety and work with dignity. We believe children should grow up knowing they have a future in the country they call home.

Now more than ever, MRCI’s work is essential. The work we do in the coming years could shape the face of migration and work in Ireland for generations. Our focus on collective action, organisation and innovation is designed to build stronger communities, better workplaces, and a fairer, more open society for all. Together, we’ll make it happen.

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