Families Belong Together

The Family Reunion campaign group is made up of people living and working in Ireland but who are currently denied the basic right of having their immediate family with them. Nobody should have to choose between providing for their family and being with them.

Everyone deserves to have their family with them when coming to work and live in Ireland. Our members are working essential jobs, providing vital care for older people, building roads and houses, driving buses, picking, packing, and cooking in factories, hotels and restaurants across Ireland.

We want change to happen so that families can be together. 


Right now, thousands of these workers are being forced to live apart from their families for years on end because of an unfair system.

Despite working full time, many people are being denied their basic right to have their family with them, simply because they don’t earn a high enough salary or because of the type of job they have.

Relationships are being torn apart, families are missing out on being together for birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. People are missing out on being a parent. Children are missing out on having their parents for love, support and guidance.

What we are calling for

Minister McEntee has the power to reunite families by scrapping these deeply unjust rules. People can’t wait, she must act now. Scrap the salary check. Scrap the waiting period. Enable all workers to have their family with them from the start.

These two simple changes mean that families and loved ones are together from the beginning, we can spend quality time together, our children can grow up with their parents and we can live their lives together.

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