Know the Signs

Trafficking for Labour Exploitation

If you think you might be in a situation of Trafficking for Labour Exploitation or if you know someone who might be, you can contact the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) for confidential information and advice.

Contact the MRCI Anti-Trafficking team:

The SIGNS are one or more of the following:


  • Violence or threats of violence against the person or their family
  • Confiscation of important documents, e.g., passport
  • Isolation, confinement or surveillance; e.g.  denied access to phone
  • Withholding of wages
  • Debt bondage


  • False promises about legal documentation or obtaining legal migration status
  • False promises about working conditions, such as nature of job, location of job, hours or days of work which turn out to be different from what was promised
  • False promises of housing and living conditions
  • False promises of family reunification


  • Low or no salary
  • Excessive working hours, no days off or holidays, being on call all the time
  • Bad or hazardous working conditions: working in extreme heat (in a kitchen), cold (refrigeration unit), etc, without reasonable protection
  • Bad living conditions provided by employer such as overcrowding, unhygienic, no privacy

Contact the MRCI Anti-Trafficking team:

MRCI’s Anti-Trafficking Work

MRCI has helped hundreds of people to stand up for their rights in the most difficult circumstances, including situations of trafficking for labour exploitation.

As a National Assessment Centre for Trafficking for Labour Exploitation, MRCI screen and assess people who may be in situations of trafficking and provide them with needed supports and assistance.

MRCI also advocates for improvements in anti-trafficking policies and laws at the National and European level.

Read our media release on EU Anti-Trafficking Day 2023 here and a recent article on our work by the Irish Times here.

Our Impact

Since 2001 MRCI has supported more than 300 people in situations of trafficking for labour exploitation.

Cases supported by MRCI changed the way victims of trafficking are treated in Ireland.

The crime of Forced Labour was introduced into Irish legislation following an MRCI campaign.

MRCI has helped people trafficked for labour exploitation to claim back thousands of euros of their unpaid wages.

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