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Warning: Scam calls claiming to be from ISD

By 31 January 2024No Comments

The Department of Justice has been notified that some members of the public have received scam calls claiming to be an official from ISD.

• Phone calls coming from Irish mobile numbers.
• Typically, an automated accent purporting to be from “The Immigration Service”.
• Voice goes on to state that your visa permission has expired , or other related issues, and to press 1 to rectify the situation.
• The message in then repeated in another language (Chinese/Asian)
• The scam calls seem to be completely at random, including to those with no previous interaction/communication with Immigration Services.

While the calls appear to be coming from the immigration Service Delivery contact number, the Department wishes to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that members of the public will never be contacted regarding immigration matters unless responding to a query you have submitted.

We strongly advise that members of the public do not to engage with these callers, do not to return calls to these numbers and do not to share any personal information with these callers.

Please see full details on this Department of Justice announcement here.