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From 30 November 2023 Stamp 4 support letters are no longer required

By 12 December 2023No Comments

From 30th November 2023, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) will cease taking application Stamp 4 support letters. This will impact Critical Skills Employment Permit holders, Researchers on a Hosting Agreement, and NCHD Multi-Site General Employment Permit holders wishing to transfer to a Stamp 4 Immigration permission.

However, all applications received by DETE prior to the 30 November 2023 will continue to be processed.

The Registration Office, Immigration Services Delivery (ISD)  will continue to accept these support letters for applications to register a Stamp 4 residence permit.

Individuals who did not apply to DETE for a support letter prior to 30 November 2023 will be required to provide The Registration Office, Immigration Services the following evidence in support of applications to register a Stamp 4 residence permit.

If you are based in Dublin, you can apply through here: ISD Online Forms (  If you are based outside of Dublin, you will need to contact your local Garda Station to make an in-person appointment.

You will need the following:

  1. A copy of the biometric page of your current valid passport(s). This is the page that shows your photograph, passport number and date of birth.
  2. A copy of the front and back of your current IRP card. This is the credit-card sized plastic card you received when you last registered your permission.
  3. Copies of the relevant Employment Permit/s or Hosting Agreement/s issued to you by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.
  4. A copy of the most recent payslip.
  5. A letter from the employer/s, dated within the last 3 months, confirming the job title, location of employment, and dates of employment.
  6. Copies of ‘Employment Detail Summaries’ issued for each year of employment covering the duration of the Employment Permit/s, available on

For more information and assistance, please contact our caseworkers.

Please see the full notice here.