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In less than a week, the Government program to regularise the status of long-term undocumented people in Ireland will close for applications.

As of now, over 7,000 people have applied for this scheme and already over 1,300 have received their positive result, with more coming every day.

Tjanasi Potso, activist with Justice for the Undocumented who got her papers in June said, “Thousands of people who have been living in the shadows like me have now got their legal status through the Undocumented Scheme. We can now live with dignity and do simple things like work safely, go to the GP and report crimes without fear.”

Justice for the Undocumented, a group made of over 3,000 undocumented people, campaigned with the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) for 11 years for the rights of undocumented workers and families to be recognised.

Neil Bruton, Campaign Lead at MRCI said, “This historic regularisation is already changing the lives of thousands of people. So many activists with MRCI have already booked tickets home and can go see their families for the first time in many years.”

He continued, “We urge anyone who might qualify to contact us. There are only a few days left to apply for this life-changing scheme and MRCI can help you. It’s free and confidential and we will be available right up to the closing date on July 31st.”

MRCI is running free clinics to support people who still want to apply, they can support with the fees if the person cannot afford them, advise on documentary evidence that proves residency and help people complete the application process. Visit for more information.



*MRCI representative and Former undocumented people who got their papers through the scheme are available for interview.


Caroline França: 083 888 9185

Neil Bruton: 083 348 0170