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From the 2nd of December 2020, individuals renewing their Immigration Registration Permission will no longer need to submit their passport to have an immigration stamp attached by their Registration Office.

After renewal of your permission, your Irish Resident Permit (IRP) card will show proof that you have registered your current immigration permission to remain in the State and confirm your immigration permission and its period of validity.

This applies to renewals made in the Burgh Quay Registration Office in Dublin and renewals made in local Registration Offices at Garda Stations nationwide.

Full details about these changes are available in the two documents below.

Immigration Registration Permission Renewal: Update to procedure
Immigration Permission Renewal with online passport submission FAQs

Please note: MRCI advises for everyone to renew their permission as soon as possible. If you require information on how to renew immigration permissions or the required documents, please contact one of our caseworkers using our web form.