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MRCI’s 31-Day Challenge for Change 2020

By 24 June 2020April 28th, 2021No Comments
The 31-Day Challenge for Change is a fundraising drive led by the MRCI team and community members.
In the Summer of 2020 because we were unable to run our usual annual fundraising events, such as the mini-marathon and gala that have been cancelled due to Covid-19, we decided to take on a personal daily challenge to raise much-needed funds for MRCI.
So, every day for the month of July, we put on our running shoes, got on our bikes and got our groove on.

Some of us did a 5km a Day, cycled ‘to Paris’, tried yoga for the first time and more!

Where will my money go to?

MRCI’s work is rooted in community work practice, which is based on the principles of social justice, equality and anti-discrimination.

Your donation will support the delivery of frontline services, policy, advocacy and campaigning, with the critical participation of migrants:

Our Drop in Centre has remained opened and busier than ever during the pandemic, with our amazing caseworkers providing information and advice on immigration issues, employment, trafficking for labour exploitation and much more. We are always here for those who need us.

Justice for Undocumented is a migrant-led campaign group fighting for people who are undocumented to get their papers and live their lives free from fear, in dignity and security.

My Fair Home is a growing network of migrant carers organising for better working conditions.

The Great Care Co-op is Ireland’ first worker owned cooperative in home care led by migrant women.

Thank you for your donation, from all the team and community members at MRCI!