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For international language students studying English in Ireland who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the new temporary measures are as follows:

  • Students who left the State before completion of their studies due to COVID-19 may return and resume their studies. The duration of their absence will not count towards the 2 years maximum period of English language study allowed;
  • Language students with a current and valid permission who are still in the State and who have completed the maximum 2 years permitted as a language student, but due to COVID-19 are unable to return home, may remain as students until the end of the year, provided they re-enrol in an online course of study for the remainder of the year.

The requirement to register remains for those students who have completed their maximum 2 years and wish to take up the option of re-enrolling in an online course of study until the end of the year. These students must re-register once the Registration Offices reopen.

For more information visit the INIS website: