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On April 1st the Irish Government introduced restrictions on movement as a public health measure during COVID19.  You can buy food and medicines, attend medical appointments and get out for some exercise but you are being asked to stay in your home as much as possible.

The only reasons you can leave your home:

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An Garda Síochána has informed MRCI*, that while the current Covid-19 restrictions are in place, essential workers are required to carry the following documents:

  • Work ID  OR  a signed letter/e-mail from your employer
  • Another form of identification.
[*Information from Detective Superintendent, Garda National Immigration Bureau]


The role of An Garda Síochana during COVID19.

The Gardaí have increased their presence on the streets and in our communities.  They have also been granted temporary new powers to ensure the public comply with the COVID19 restrictions.  We know this may cause stress and anxiety for some people, especially those who are undocumented. It is important to Know Your Rights in this situation and to understand the restrictions in place.

If you are stopped by a Garda:

  • Remain calm;
  • If asked, give your name and address and reason for being outside your home;
  • See guidelines above re. carrying ID if you are an essential worker;
  • If you have any issues with the Gardaí in light of these new restrictions, please contact MRCI.