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On January 1st 2023, there are two new important changes that will come into effect.

Minimum Wage

These changes will impact workers in Ireland. The minimum wage will increase to €11.30 per hour. Everyone over the age of 20 has a right to be paid the minimum wage, regardless of sector, place of work or immigration status.

Please see the full notice here.


Sick Pay
Secondly, from January 1st 2023, employees will have a right to 3 days’ sick pay a year. This is called statutory sick pay (that means the legal minimum). To qualify for this payment, you must be
  • An employee
  • Working with your employer for at least 13 weeks before you can get sick pay
  • And be certified by a GP as unable to work
Please see the full notice here.
For more information and assistance, please contact our caseworkers.