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On the 22nd of April 2022, the Department of Justice announced the extension of the 5-year multi entry short-stay visa option to all visa required countries.

The 5-year multi entry short stay visa will allow eligible applicants from all visa required countries who visit Ireland regularly, for business or family reasons in particular, to make one application, which when granted, will then cover travel over a five year period.

Up to now, Ireland has offered 1 year, 2 year and 3 year multi-entry visas, with the option of a 5 year multi-entry visa only available to Chinese passport holders (introduced in 2019). This eligibility has now been extended to all visa required countries.

A multi entry visa may also be approved for some business travellers, under certain conditions, who have no previous travel history to Ireland.

A multi entry visa permits the holder to travel to Ireland on a number of occasions during the dates shown on the visa.

The standard single entry visa option also remains available.

As with all visa applications, the granting of a multi-entry visa is at the discretion of the relevant Visa Officer.