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Press Release

‘No To Racism’: Leitrim GAA Hurling team in partnership with the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland launch new jersey

Today marks an important day in the fight against racism in Ireland. The Leitrim GAA Hurling team are delighted to partner with Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) in saying no to racism.

The Leitrim Hurling team will display ‘No To Racism’ on their new jerseys for this year’s fixtures, starting on Sunday 16th May, as a show of solidarity with all people affected by racism.

Zak Moradi, of Leitrim Hurling team, said “Racism is one of the worst things you can encounter. It creates a huge divide between people and without its existence we would have a more peaceful, welcoming and inclusive society.”

He continued, “We want to raise awareness and create a community that sticks together as a whole with no divides. We’re all human and we all deserve a sense of belonging regardless of race. We want the same team spirit of sports: all for one and one for all.”

The Leitrim Hurling team has chosen to partner with MRCI because of its long history in tackling racism and discrimination in the labour market and fighting for the rights of migrant workers and their families.

Edel McGinley, Director at MRCI said “Racism has no place in our society, communities, workplaces, schools or in sport. It has a devastating impact on people’s lives, affecting individuals, families and the community.”

She continued, “Sport plays a very important role in promoting diversity and inclusion. The Leitrim jersey sends a clear message, raises awareness and shows solidarity with everyone impacted by racism. We commend the leadership shown by Leitrim Hurling team, the GAA and Zak Moradi in taking this stand. We would like to thank The One Foundation for their support in making this initiative possible.”



Contact: Caroline França – 083 888 9185 /

*The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) is a national organisation working to promote the rights of migrant workers and their families at risk of exploitation, social exclusion and discrimination. We believe people should be able to move in safety and work with dignity.

Since 2001, MRCI has been working with migrant workers in unregulated precarious employment – low pay, poor working conditions, and insecure immigration status. Workers have brought into public view exploitation, discrimination and social exclusion.

MRCI combines frontline support and strategic casework with research, policy, advocacy and campaigning to achieve change. Our focus on collective action and organising with migrant workers aims to build stronger communities, better workplaces, and a fairer society for all.


The views and opinions expressed by members of Leitrim GAA do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland.