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By Rachel Reid – MRCI Drop-in Centre Caseworker

This July I decided to join the group of staff and community members embarking on the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland’s 31-Day Challenge for Change.

My challenge is to run 5km a day, every day in July.

While I do run a few times a week, this will be a huge challenge for me in many ways. Mostly, to mentally find the energy to go out running every day, particularly on weekends. But also physically, as it will be a huge step up from my current fitness levels and I know it will be really hard to maintain the stamina to keep on going every day.

It was really important for me to be part of the group taking on this challenge. It will allow me to raise money so that MRCI are able to continue to do all the incredible work that happens here.  Work that I am deeply passionate about and committed to deliver. I have been in the organisation for 18 months at this stage and every day I am in awe of the far-reaching  repercussions of the work, the day-to-day impact of campaigns, and what an organisation like the Migrant Rights Centre means to someone.

Another thing that made me want to take the challenge, was to be more deeply connected with colleagues and community members at such an isolating time such as lockdown. It’s day 8 and it has already been such a positive boost to my mood, and so heart-warming to feel that sense of community once again. It made me realise that at the heart of any campaign, policy, action or work, is an inclusive community.

I was really nervous about being unmotivated to go for a run on rainy days, but after a week in, I am really enjoying just putting on my runners straight after work, without hesitation; just get up and go.

Seeing all the messages from other members doing their challenges or colleagues sharing messages of encouragement,  has made this all much easier.

I’m hoping to raise €1000 and I encourage anyone who has anything to spare to donate. No amount is too little; a small donation can make a big difference!

Thank you!