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NGO Position Paper: Realising the Potential of AMF

By 12 March 2013February 11th, 2020No Comments

Realising the potential of the Asylum and Migration Fund: A Position Paper from Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, Cross Care Migrant Project, NASC Immigrant Centre, Irish Refugee Council, Cultúr

This position paper has been developed by organisations working at a local and national level on the integration, social inclusion, human rights and equality for asylum seekers, refugees, non EEA migrants and migrant workers in Ireland. A Roundtable with over 25 organisations was held in February 2013 (see appendix I and II). The content for this position paper is drawn from the conclusions of this Roundtable.

The paper is intended to contribute to the successful development and implementation of the Asylum and Migration Fund in Ireland 2014 -2017. The analysis and recommendations presented stems from the experience of administering a range of EU funds including the European Integration Fund (EIF) and the European Asylum Fund (EAF), coupled with the experience of working with asylum, immigrant and migrant workers for over a decade during the most dynamic periods of inward migration Ireland has ever experienced. This paper does not address Returns or Resettlement as this is outside the remit of participating organisations.