Young, Paperless & Powerful

YPP works to ensure that no child or young person grows up undocumented in Ireland, whether born here or not. Ireland is their home; we’re fighting to make their futures safe and secure in the home they know and love.

About the Campaign


In 2015, a new and unique youth project was established in MRCI Young, Paperless and Powerful.  Responding to the needs of undocumented young people growing up in the greater Dublin area, YPP became a safe haven for these young people to come together, to share their stories safely and to participate in an empowering youth project. Using creative tools such as art, music and film, YPP members speak out about the impact of growing up undocumented. 

Over the past four years, young people in YPP have led a national campaign for regularisation – a pathway to papers for undocumented youth. YPP is supported by a diverse network of allies, including over 50 organisations across children’s rights, youth work and youth activism, teachers’ unions and students’ unions.

Since 2015, the work of YPP and the determination of schools and communities across the country has made regularisation for undocumented children and young people a major issue in Ireland. YPP founding member Rashmi went public about living undocumented in Ireland; another founding member, Sumayyah, delivered an open letter signed by over 4,000 people to the Dáil calling for a pathway to papers for all children and young people.

In November 2019, the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar stated on record his commitment and support for regularisation of undocumented children and young people, a position now held by most major political parties in Ireland.

The campaign is nearly there and we need all the support we can get. The government need to be reminded that change is safe and the time is now: these children and young people can’t wait any longer!

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