It's Challenge for Change month!

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Challenge for Change 2021


July is our fundraising month where our amazing supporters take on a daily challenge for 31 days to raise money that will help empower migrant workers to challenge exploitation, racism and injustice.

Our Challengers


This July, we have an incredible team of 130 people taking on the 31-Day Challenge for Change.

People are biking, baking, and bounding about this month and they’re doing this every day to raise money for MRCI’s work.

Check out what our Challengers are up to in our Gallery.

Can you show them some support with a donation?

“What will keep me going for 31 days is my determination to raise money for an organisation that I know first-hand empowers migrant workers with the tools and skills to be the protagonists changing their own futures.”

CarolineCommunications Officer

“I am fully committed to take on the challenge to help raise funds to support MRCI's vital work. It's a great way to give to an organisation that has been there with us, through thick and thin for a better life in so many aspects.”

AlbertCommunity Organiser

“MRCI’s has helped and fought alongside so many migrant workers with injustice, exploitation, racism and other issues concerning people with a migrant background. At MRCI we are a family, we are in a safe place.”

MelCommunity Organiser

MRCI enables and empowers workers to challenge exploitation at the hand of their employers, documents racism on our streets and at our borders, has won landmark victories for domestic workers, victims of forced labour, and undocumented workers, all to fight for a more open, equal and diverse society.

The money you give today will enable MRCI to keep:

  1. Supporting people to access their rights through 1:1 support in the Drop-In Centre
  2. Campaigning with undocumented people to get their papers
  3. Combating the exploitation of agri-food workers
  4. Tackling racism and discrimination in the workplace, so all migrant workers can flourish
  5. Building capacity of community leaders who take on the fight for the collective
  6. And so much more!

MRCI believes that everyone should be able to move and work in safety and with dignity.

Our work in the coming months and years could shape the face of migration and work in Ireland for generations.

With a focus on collective action, organisation, and innovation, we can build stronger communities, better workplaces, and a fairer, more just society for all.

We need your help.