My Fair Home

My Fair Home is a network of migrant home care workers who want better conditions, better pay, regularisation for undocumented care workers, and an end to racism and discrimination.

About the Campaign

MRCI has worked with domestic workers since 2001. Migrant workers in the private home came together as the Domestic Workers Action Group (DWAG) to support each other and share their experiences of low pay, exploitation and isolation. For over ten years DWAG members campaigned for more rights and recognition challenging the Government and abusive employers through protests, creative arts and speaking out in the media.

In 2016 MRCI brought care workers together to talk about standards in home care. MRCI discovered many migrant carers were facing discrimination, bad pay and poor conditions. My Fair Home was created to provide migrant home care workers a space to meet and organise together to show their massive contribution to care and fight for rights. My Fair Home took its name from a campaign by our friends at the International Federation of Domestic Workers (IFDW).

In June 2019, home care workers launched the My Fair Home Network to work for better jobs and better care by staging a flash mob in Dublin city centre. My Fair Home members explain why Ireland needs more care workers and why care workers need to fight for their rights.

My Fair Home is a network of 400 carers working in the private home across Ireland.

We are building an active group to support the network and educate members on their employment rights.

Migrant care workers provide essential care to people in Ireland. My Fair Home members work together to highlight our skills, experience and massive contribution to care in Ireland.