Migrants Against Exploitation (MAX)

The members of MAX are determined to stamp out exploitation by making sure migrant workers know their rights. Delivering training and information sessions in a dozen different languages, they’re connecting with communities and workplaces across Ireland to make work safer for everyone.

MAX is an innovative pilot training model to engage community leaders and connectors to identify and tackle trafficking for labour exploitation.

The aim of the MAX project is to prevent and combat human trafficking for labour exploitation by empowering migrants to know more about their rights as workers. This is done by providing relevant information to migrant leaders and supporting them to better understand this phenomenon, how it manifests and how to prevent even the most severe forms of exploitation and trafficking.

In February 2020, MRCI and MAX are holding a seminar to present the MAX training outreach model we delivered with migrant communities, and our experience and learning from this pilot project.

The seminar will discuss and highlight why it is critical that communities impacted by severe exploitation and trafficking are central to preventing and combating it.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact sylwia@mrci.ie

Our core group of ten migrant leaders are now fully trained to deliver crucial interventions on employment rights in diverse communities, and have developed teaching materials so their work can be replicated across Ireland.

They are enthusiastic and determined to continue this work, empowering other workers to access their rights and fight exploitation.