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Weekend links: Friday July 1st 2016

21 Of The Most Powerful Things Ever Said About Being An Immigrant “Do you know what a foreign accent is? It’s a sign of bravery.”

Who, if not you? How you can intervene when you witness a racist attack Some very practical advice (though you should always check with the victim before calling the police, and abide by their choice)

Border securitisation, aging populations and a lack of joined-up thinking "Connecting the large-scale movement of people and the need for up to 50 million workers would seem like a no-brainer."

The Border A short but powerful film from the border at Idomeni, featuring interviews with men and women seeking refuge. A must-watch.

On Clanbrassil Street, The Fast is Broken The Dublin Inquirer joins the locals for Iftar

Brexit: a disaster decades in the making "States may import workers, but it is people who actually come."

And lastly, on Brexit...