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Reactivation Employment Permit Scheme (REP)

By 21 June 2024July 18th, 2024No Comments

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Reactivation Employment Permit (REP) Scheme Application


What is it?   

The REP scheme is for employment permit holders who have fallen out of the employment permit system through no fault of their own or who have been mistreated by their employer.

One of the benefits of the scheme is that if a person’s Stamp 1 immigration permission has expired for a short period, they are granted a temporary Stamp 1 permission to enable them to apply for a new employment permit.    The REP scheme also makes it slightly easier for a person to secure a new employment permit because there is no labour market needs test involved in the new permit application and the permit can be issued for any job in any sector including certain carers in the home, and(excluding all other occupation in a domestic setting) provided that the salary it is at or above the minimum wage.

Who is eligible?

  • If you currently hold an employment permit or previously held an employment permit to work in Ireland and
  • You could not renew your employment permit through no fault of your own or because you were mistreated or exploited by your employer.

How to apply?

The REP scheme is a two-step process involving two different government departments.

Step 1:

You MUST first apply under the Reactivation Employment Permit (REP) Scheme to Immigration Service Delivery (ISD) which is part of the Department of Justice.

  • You need to complete the  REP application form (see link).
  • If you are successful with your application you will receive an approval letter from ISD which will allow you to proceed to Step 2.   It can take several weeks to receive a decision.
  • Please note that if your Stamp 1 permission is out of date you will need to use your ISD approval letter to obtain a new IRP card and a temporary permission – Stamp 1 for 6 months.

Step 2:  

You can now apply for a new permit called the Reactivation Employment Permit through the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

  • The online portal to apply for this permit can be found here (see link).
  • When you reach this page select the tab for “ New Reactivation Employment Permit – Standard/Trusted Employer ”
  • Please note you will need to upload a number of important documents with this online application such as your permission letter received from Step 1 above, a signed contract of employment, a passport sized photo and a signed application form.

Where can I find more information? 

You can find more details about the REP scheme at the following government websites:

Do you have any other tips that will help?  

Usually, the most difficult part of the process of obtaining a reactivation employment permit is finding a new employer who is willing to apply for an employment permit. Many employers have not applied for an employment permit before and those who have applied most likely have not heard of the reactivation employment permit scheme.

The best thing is to share the links above or this page with a new prospective employer so they can better understand how the reactivation employment permit scheme works and how to apply.

Who pays for the new reactivation employment permit?

Like all other employment permits, the permit can be paid for by the applicant (the employee) or by the company employing them (the employer). All payments are made online to the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment. The fee for the permit is €1,000 for a 2-year permit.

More questions?

You can contact the two Departments involved above for further information.   You can also send further queries to the MRCI for guidance


How to complete the reactivation Employment Permit Scheme(REP) form

Complete details on filling the form:  Immigration Service Delivery (Dept. of Justice)  – REP scheme page

  • Complete fully all sections of the form
  • Complete the form in English, capitals ( big letters), and use ticks (✓) where appropriate
  • Read and signed the Data Privacy Notice

Section 1: Applicant’s personal details

  • Your Surname – provide as shown on your passport
  • Your Forename (given name) – provide as shown on your passport
  • If you have other name(s) ( maiden name, name at birth, any other names) by which you are or have been known
  • Your Date of birth – day/month/year
  • Your current address
  • Eircode – example D11 V82V
  • Your contact Mobile Phone Number
  • Your Irish Residence Permit Number – you can find this at the back of your IRP card
  • Your contact email address

Section 1A: Passport or travel documents details of applicant

  • Passport Number- provide as shown your
  • Issuing Country – example, Philippine Embassy, London
  • Date of Issue – day/month/year
  • Date of expiry – day/month/year

Section 2:  Immigration and Employment Details

2.1 What date did you arrive in the State? Day/month/year -You can get this on your  passport

2.2 Do you have current valid immigration permission – you can get this on your IRP card or passport.

2.3 If you answered NO what is the expiry date of your most recent permission in the State – you can get this on your IP card or passport.

2.4 What is your most recent permission type – the stamp number on your registration/IRP card. Example: Stamp 1

Section 3: Application for immigration permission

Please state in detail why you cannot renew your current Employment Permit –  you need to explain the reason/s why you cannot renew your permit.

Documents you need to include on your REP application –  Please note the department can ask for any additional documentation in support of your application.

  • Copy of biodata page of passport
  • Copy of the entry stamp in the passport
  • Copy of Employment Permit
  • Letter from DETE  or your employer detailing the reason for this application.
  • Current job offer letter

How to Submit the form?

  1. You can submit your application by emailing:
  2. You need to enclose /attach.
  • REP application form, completed and signed in PDF
  • Put Reactivation Employment in the subject line

3. Or you may also post your application to:

Unit C Reactivation Employment, Domestic Residence, Immigration Service Delivery, 14/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, D02 XK70


To Apply for a NEW Reactivation Employment Permit (DETE)

  1. Have a temporary Stamp 1 immigration permission, and up-to-date IRP card.
  2. Have a Reactivation Employment Permit letter from Immigration Service Delivery (ISD).
  3. Have an employer.
  4. A labour market needs test is not required for a Reactivation Employment permit.
  5. You can apply to all jobs except domestic jobs, including certain carers in the home, and ( other than certain carers).
  6. Remuneration /Salary Must be minimum wage or higher.
  7. Before completing the work permit application form please check, pdf (
  8. Complete the Reactivation Employment Permit through the Employment Permit Online System (EPOS).