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Visiting your TD

What is a TD?

Members of Dáil Eireann (the Irish Parliament) are elected by democratic general election every five years.  A TD (Teachta Dála) can be a member of a Government party, the Opposition or may sit as an independent TD. A TD represents everyone in their local constituency, regardless of legal status in the country. Many undocumented migrants have visited their TD locally. There is no need to be afraid, they are there to represent your issues also.

How to Contact your Local TD

  1. Find your local constituency (click here)
  2. Find out who your local political representatives are (see below).
  3. Find out what party the TD is a member of, if any. It is good to especially meet with the TDs in government, Fine Gael and Labour.
  4. Some TDs have set clinics which you can drop into; some do not.
  5. Ministers generally do not have clinics or meet the public locally, but it important to write to them anyway and ask for their support.
  6. If a TD has a clinic you will need to find out what time the clinics are on and if you can drop in or you need an appointment. Clinics are generally held on Mondays and Fridays.
  7. If you need an appointment, you will have to contact either the TD directly or the secretary by phone or email. Ask them to meet with you about an immigration related matter (See Sample Letter/Email Below).


SAMPLE Letter/ EMAIL to ask for meeting


Letter if your TD is a Minister