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Au pairs and domestic workers launch new Labour of Love campaign in Dublin

Au pairs, carers, and domestic workers today (Friday 6th March) launched Labour of Love, a new campaign focusing on the rights of workers in private homes across Ireland. The campaign aims to combat the widespread underpayment, exploitation and abuse of workers
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Changes to Employment Permits

Changes to the Employment Permit system came into effect on April 10th 2013. Not sure if you’re affected by this? Check out our simple guide to the main changes: Employment Permit Changes 04-2013

The fight for justice: Muhammad’s story, Part II

Read Part I Muhammad was traumatised by all he had endured at the hands of his employer, but with the force of MRCI’s advocates and activists behind him, he began to fight for the 7 years of wages he was
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Decent Work for Migrant Workers: Rights and Justice in a Globalised World Order: Crisis, Migration & Precarious Work

By Patrick Taran, Global Migration Policy Associates “Decent work for migrant workers in the current labour market” I paint a picture of what’s going on and what’s at stake in the intersection of migration– which is essentially labour mobility– globalization
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Ensuring Decent Work Standards for Migrant Workers in the Current Labour Market

The roundtable event was organised by MRCI in collaboration with SIPTU (Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union) and the Coalition to Protect the Lowest Paid to examine strategies of how to include migrant workers within the broader struggle for decent
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