Stand up for migrant rights

Join our movement and help MRCI fight for the rights of undocumented workers and their families. Because if you live here and work here, you belong here.

4 community leaders in Justice for the Undocumented Regularisation Scheme

Karuna, Billy, Irene, and Tjanasi came to Ireland in search of a better life for their family and children.

Unfortunately, like many people who fall out of immigration status through no fault of their own, they found themselves undocumented. 

They haven’t been able to go visit their children or families in over 10 years. All that stands between them and their future is a piece of paper.

The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland and Justice for the Undocumented has campaigned for over 11 years with undocumented people like Irene, Billy, Karuna and Tjanasi.

So that migrant workers and their families can get their papers to live and work in safety and dignity. 

Because if you live here and work here, you belong here. 

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MRCI is fighting for migrant workers to live in dignity and work in safety here in Ireland. But we can only tell you about other opportunities to fight for the rights of workers if you choose to get emails from us. So can we email you about developments on this campaign and updates about our other work such as advocacy and fundraising?