Submission to the HSE National Intercultural Health Strategy by the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 2008


The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) is a national organisation concerned with policy and change in addition to responding to the direct needs of migrant workers and their families.1 The vision of the MRCI is an Ireland where migrant workers and their families participate fully and equally in an intercultural society. The mission of the MRCI is to promote the conditions for social and economic inclusion of those migrant workers and their families who are in vulnerable situations.

The drop in centre (DIC) of MRCI works directly with migrant workers and deals with over 100 new cases a month. These range from immigration and residency issues to accessing social and economic rights. The case workers are ideally placed to comment on the health issues facing migrant workers and the barriers arising when accessing services. This submission is based on the experiences of the case workers in the DIC and community workers in MRCI.

This proposal firstly addresses the barriers as identified by MRCI staff and goes on to highlight the issues facing migrant workers with recommendations in each section. It highlights the difficulties experienced in specific employment sectors and looks at the gender dimension of health care.

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