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Realising Integration: Migrant Workers Undertaking Essential Low Paid Work in Dublin City

Migrant Workers, Low-paid Work, Integration, Dublin, Essential work

Integration is a topic that is of increasing interest, not just to migrant rights organisations but to state agencies and other stakeholders nationally and locally. Integration is increasingly featuring on the policy agenda at a national and European level. Cities have a key role to play in shaping the integration agenda and creating the conditions for migrant workers and their families to participate fully in their local communities.

The focus of this project is to place an emphasis on the integration and inclusion of migrant workers who are undertaking essential low paid work in Dublin city (essential work being economic activity underpinning the effective functioning and efficiency of the city). With the support of Dublin City Council this project aimed to identify the situation of migrant workers undertaking essential low-paid work in a number of sectors in the city, to highlight their integration needs, look to potential responses and actions and in general acknowledge the importance of migrant workers to the future development of Dublin city.

The purpose of the Roundtable held on 2nd April 2007 was to discuss the initial findings of the scoping exercise and to engage key stakeholders in a constructive discussion on the challenges and strategies necessary to promote the meaningful inclusion of migrant workers in Dublin, thus creating the conditions for a socially cohesive and integrated city. The principal aim of this project was to contribute to the development of a strategy for the integration of migrant workers undertaking essential work in Dublin City. This final report will be made available to relevant structures and authorities and we hope will be a useful contribution to future developments in the area of anti racism, interculturalism and integration within Dublin city and beyond.

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