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Mobilising for Social Justice

Mobilising for Social Justice

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland’s  Community Work Model

The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland is a leading campaigning and advocacy organisation which seeks to advance the rights of migrant workers and their families in Ireland. MRCI was set up in 2001 and is the first NGO working in the migration field in Ireland to systematically apply a community work model.

This case study aims to share with others why and how social justice goals can be achieved through action and analysis which is firmly rooted in community work practice. Through our collective efforts, MRCI staff, activists and volunteers alike, have improved the lives of thousands of migrant workers and their families in Ireland. We have advanced the rights of migrant workers against a backdrop of growing unemployment and deepening recession, when their concerns might be expected to attract hostility.

We work with men, women and young people who are culturally and ethnically diverse and whose situations, aspirations and ambitions are equally varied. Many have been victimised or exploited by criminals, employment agencies or unscrupulous employers. Some are residing in Ireland with an irregular status i.e. are undocumented. Many are facing barriers to achieving full equality.

What unites these individuals is their desire to work and live with dignity and respect. And what connects them to us is that we can help them fulfil this desire, for their betterment and the betterment of society as a whole.

“We look at people as agents of their own destinies rather than objects of our own need and we try always to meet the hope in migrants’ eyes.”

Bobby Gilmore SCM,
MRCI Chairperson

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