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An exploration of local strategies for the integration of migrant workers and their families

Migrant Workers; Family; Intergration


Migrant workers and their families have formed the largest single group of new residents in Ireland over the last five years. In recognition of the range of issues confronting migrant workers and their families, in 2005 the Dublin

Employment Pact, Pobal and the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland discussed the possibility of assisting the development of integrated local strategies to meet the needs of migrant workers and their families in a local   development context.

A  joint initiative was agreed with two aims: 

• To facilitate and document the development of local strategies in relation to migrant workers and their
• To identify practice lessons in local strategies with a view to ensuring their inclusion in post-2006 local
   development programmes.

The report has four main sections:

Section 1 presents the background and rationale for the initiative, and outlines its methodology.
Section 2 provides an introduction to migration issues in Ireland, including the policy framework.
Section 3 presents findings from the research, briefly analyses the needs of migrant workers and their
                 families, and presents potential responses by Partnerships.
Annex 1 presents a detailed analysis of the work undertaken in three Partnership areas.

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