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MRCI calls for immediate payment of €35,000 owed to workers in Dublin café

Workers protest outside Paris Bakery cafe 22 May 2014

Yesterday morning, Paris Bakery workers began a protest outside the Moore Street café to demand payment of months of back pay. Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) is now supporting the workers in their fight for justice.

“From our ten years’ work in this area, we know that exploitation is rife in the restaurant sector. However, this is a particularly appalling case,” said MRCI’s Gráinne O’Toole. “Staff worked on without wages for weeks, told repeatedly that they would be paid soon. They have been waiting so long to be paid that many have given up and gone home, but the remaining 20 have calculated that together they are owed over €35,000.”

Ms O’Toole continued, “We’re seeking immediate payment of the unpaid wages. We have sought legal advice for the workers and will campaign for their employers to be held accountable. This exploitation is happening right here in Dublin city centre, and it cannot be allowed to continue.”

“The owners have been promising to pay us for months, but we can’t pay our bills with promises,” said Beatrice Douat, assistant manager of Paris Bakery.



Aoife Murphy, MRCI Communications Officer 086 3687901


A 2008 study by MRCI found that 53% of restaurant workers were paid below minimum wage: