Young Migrant Perspectives

Mpower, MRCI’s youth empowerment project, brought together young non-EU migrants to share their experiences and stories about growing in Ireland. Through Mpower and its participative and creative youth work process, a group of young people shared their stories and documented on film their experiences of having made Ireland their home. Making Ireland Home explores contemporary themes such as identity and diversity from a migrant youth perspective in a multicultural Ireland. These stories, shared with humour and honesty, give insight into the some of the problems young migrants experience in Ireland: racism, difficulties accessing third level education and barriers in securing long term residency and citizenship. What all of these young people had in common is that whilst none were born in Ireland, all had grown up here, put down roots and called Ireland home.

This pre-development work with young migrants formed part of MRCI’s European Integration Fund programme of work in 2011 and raised awareness of issues accessing citizenship and third level, informing the Migrant Education Access Campaign.