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Low PayResearch highlights exploitation of migrant workers in Ireland- All Work and Low Pay: The Experience of Migrants Working in Ireland

New research conducted with migrants working in low-paid sectors in Ireland has revealed that exploitation, lack of progression and discrimination are rife. Migrants working in the restaurant sector, security, home care and domestic work were surveyed and highlighted precarious working conditions, widespread breaches of employment law and chronic underpayment. Key survey findings:

  • 44% received less than €8.65 per hour
  • 48% are living on less than €300 per week
  • 61% are required to work extra hours without pay
  • 45% had no contract
  • 26% do not receive payslips
  • 82% did not receive a salary increase in the last year
  • 82% were not compensated for working on Sundays

The survey findings were reinforced by focus group discussions and an analysis of ten years of data from the MRCI Ireland’s case files. To download the report click here.