Undocumented Migrants

Points for your TD Meeting


  • Introduce Yourself: Tell the person how long you have been living in the area.


  • Tell Your Story: Tell them a little about yourself and why you are there.


  • Give Handout: Tell the TD that a proposal has gone to the Minister to Justice for the introduction of an Earned Regularisation (give them the handouts below). Share with them that there is growing support for this.


  • Ask for Support. Ask the TD if this is something that they would also support?


  • Get Written Support. If yes, ask the TD to write to the Minister for Justice to raise your concerns and to find out the status of the Earned Regularisation proposal.


Documents to Bring to the Meeting

Labour Party Conference Motion Text April 2012

How Earned Regularisation would Work

Justice for Undocumented Leaflet


SAMPLE Email & Letter

SAMPLE Follow up Letter/ Email to TD