Young, Paperless and Powerful

Young, Paperless and Powerful is a creative youth project for undocumented young people in Ireland. We use art, film, spoken word and fun to tell it as it is about growing up in Ireland without papers. This is an effort by the Justice for the Undocumented (JFU) campaign to raise awareness of the situation facing children of undocumented migrants in Ireland and build their voice and critical participation in the campaign.

We estimate there are between 2000-5000 children and young people born to undocumented parents. Undocumented young people consider Ireland their home, yet have no right to residency or citizenship and are in a legal limbo upon leaving secondary school and attempting to get a job or access further education. We know this is hard on the mental health and well-being of young people growing up with this burden. We are currently outreaching to young people who came to Ireland with or to join their parents who do not have legal residency in Ireland i.e. don’t have an immigration stamp, a GNIB card or an ORAC card. Our first session/meeting is in early June. This is an opportunity for young people meet others in the same situation as them, get support, have fun and get active in the fight for change. Want to get involved? Learn more. Email to get involved.