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Mr Singh

Mr Singh came to Ireland on a work permit to work as chef. He was exploited by his employer and was dismissed after he attempted to assert his rights. As a result, he lost his right to work and became undocumented. MRCI supported Mr.Sing after he decided to make a complaint against his employer, and he managed to regularise his immigration status. Mr.Singh became an Irish citizen in February 2012. He remains actively involved in the campaign for the right of workers to change employers within their job category without having to apply for a new work permit which is costly and involves long delays.


Surinder had been working in exploitative employment as a domestic worker for five years. He came to MRCI seeking help and assistance to address the exploitation, and  to seek compensation for unfair treatment, and abuses of his employment right. MRCI assisted and supported Surinder in bringing his employment claims before the Labour Relations Commission. Surinder was awarded in excess of €200.000 for the breaches of his employment rights, arguably one of the biggest awards for one person.


Vanda is a Ukrainian national who came to Ireland in 2003 on a work permit to work for a security company. The company was not in a position to keep her in the job as her English was too poor to perform her duties. Vanda found a job in a cleaning company as her permit was still valid. The cleaning company did not apply for a work permit for her and made her redundant once her work permit was invalid. Vanda became undocumented as a result. She was undocumented for four years until she heard through a word of mouth, within her own community, about MRCI. An application for a permission to remain was made to the Department of Justice for her, explaining her circumstances. Vanda was given permission to remain and she secured a work permit on that basis with MRCI’s help. She has been documented since and is looking forward to applying for long term residence.