Our Leaders

Waseem Yousaf

Action group leader Waseem YousafI am an active member of the FLAG. I volunteer with this group as I cannot stand by and watch injustice happen. I support workers to take action together as we are strong when we walk together and fight for rights. We have worked together and supported one another to push for the law against modern-day slavery to be introduced.

I speak out against this injustice as I have seen the impact of this cruelty on many migrant workers. I want to see workers like Mohammed Younis get justice. We are also lobbying for rights for all workers, regardless of legal status, to take their case to the employment courts when their employment rights are violated. We believe that employers who exploit should not be allowed to walk free. They should pay up and be held to account. I believe all us workers should stand together to ensure that labour standards are upheld for everyone; in this way, we can tackle exploitation in the labour market.