Our Leaders

Tina Dio

Tino Dio, Action group leaderI came to Ireland when I was 17 to work as a domestic worker and to study. I was badly exploited in that I was not paid a wage, I worked every day and I was not given any time off including holidays. For 3 years I lived as a prisoner. I was not allowed to go out on my own, stay in touch with my family, make friends or pursue my studies. I lived in fear of my employer. I was helped by a caller to the house where I was working who put me in touch with MRCI. They helped me build up my life again. I am now studying and working in Ireland. I joined with other workers through FLAG to fight for rights. We are delighted that the government has heard our voices and has decided to criminalise forced labour. I hope this achievement will encourage others not to be afraid to speak out and look for their rights.