Our Leaders

Mohammed Younis

Mohammed Younis, Action group leaderI came to Ireland to work as a tandoori chef in 2002 on a work permit. I worked long hours, 7 days a week for very low wages. For the first few years I earned 52 cents an hour. My employer failed to renew my work permit and I became undocumented in Ireland. I did not know anyone and I speak very little English. I was treated like a slave by my employer for 7 years. I found out about my rights and I took my employer to court. I am still fighting this as I am owed €92,000 which was awarded to me by the Labour Court. I want to get justice for what happened to me but I want to ensure this does not happen to other workers. We are fighting for undocumented workers to be able to seek their rights through the labour courts and for a law against forced labour. We have organized public events and highlighted these problems with the trade union, politicians and the media to call for a law against modern day slavery.