Home Care

Home care is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Ireland, and a high proportion of home care workers are migrants. The sector is largely unregulated, with poor terms and conditions. Many migrant workers are employed directly in private homes to take care of older people and these workers are often unheard in home care debates. Migrant carers in private homes are some of the most vulnerable and poorly-paid workers in this sector.

The MRCI is working with migrant home care workers to highlight the experiences of migrants employed in this sector. We are working with our partners SIPTU and the Carers' Association to develop employment guidelines for all home care workers.

We held a series of national workshops with home care workers. The workers highlighted many issues such as underpayment, long hours, lack of time off, isolation, and undervaluing of care work.

The resulting employment guidelines will be published in September 2015 and the MRCI will continue to work with partners to build a strong campaign for decent work for home care workers across Ireland.