Practical Tips

Your role as a community worker working with migrants:

  • Inform yourself about the realities i.e. the burning issues facing migrants and their families in Ireland
  • Work in a collective (group setting) to engage migrants in an analysis of issues. This may start in the sharing of problems and stories but should move on to a collective analysis of the issues identifying common needs and solutions and taking action together.
  • Work towards the collective outcomes for all migrants in Ireland i.e. moving on from individual problem solving to a collective agenda.
  • MRCI Community Work Practice Graphics by Form.ieUse participative and innovative ways to collectivise experiences.
  • Build power with people you are working with by enabling migrants to develop knowledge, skills and confidence to address issues through collective action e.g. leadership skills, media training, understanding the Irish political system.
  • Take action collectively on issues of concern. Ensure this action is planned, well thought through and regularly reflected upon i.e. develop a campaign strategy.
  • Regularly reflect, review, evaluate and reset priorities and objectives.
  • Be clear about the change being sought, informed by a critical analysis and underpinned by the active participation of migrants impacted by the issue that change is sought on.
  • Collaborate, build alliances and solidarity with allies and stakeholders to build power for change.
  • Develop innovative and creative approaches to working with communities
  • Reflect and learn from success and failure and share good practice

 Illustrations by Form Design