Community workers have a responsibility to:

  • MRCI Community Work Practice Graphics by Form.ieAcknowledge, value and build on people’s lives, situations, skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Work with people to build an understanding and analysis of their reality through consciousness raising that creates the conditions for collective analysis of the issues affecting them and results in the identification of ways to overcome these issues.
  • Work with people to build confidence and self-esteem as pre-requisites to supporting them to undertake action.
  • Have an analysis of power and how it is acquired, sustained and applied.
  • Recognise power inequalities and seek to address them. This may involve work towards change in existing structures to ensure they embrace the empowerment of individuals and communities.
  • Work with communities to develop informal and formal networks, and create alliances that support the achievement of collective goals.
  • Be reflective and conscious of personal power and perceptions of it, and strive to use it appropriately.
  • Work in partnership with communities to achieve outcomes in line with the issues they have identified.
  • Identify and deal appropriately with conflict when it arises and support individuals, groups and communities to deal with conflict.
  • Be prepared to challenge power imbalances in order to promote greater minority participation at all levels.

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