Practice Case Studies

Learning points in using leadership development to support empowerment work

Leaders and activists often emerge organically through the work but a commitment to supporting learning and skill development has been key in enabling empowered, informed and skilled leaders to emerge. This can be fostered through:

  • MRCI Community Work Practice Graphics by Form.ieAllow time and resources for leadership courses that help collective analysis to emerge. These must focus on consciousness raising and politicisation process and not be pitched at individual personal development
  • Building analysis and skill development into the work of ongoing groups through sharing tasks, jobs, allocating responsibilities is a key part of the empowerment process.
  • Sharing power, analysis and information in an ongoing way that empowers migrants to take leadership on issues and representative roles, must give time to ensure preparation and de-briefing after key events/meeting/actions/activities.
  • Leadership spaces and courses should be organised using community work principles, with facilitated and participative learning workshops, field trips and residential sessions as opposed to the use of traditional lectures.
  • A focus on power analysis and values is key to support this empowerment process as well as build solidarity on broader social justice issues, migrant rights and human rights.

 Illustrations by Form Design