Practice Principles

MRCI Community Work Practice Graphics by Form.ieCommunity work is based on working with and supporting groups of people. It enables them to develop knowledge; skills and confidence so that they can develop an analysis, identify priority needs and issues and address these through collective action.

Community workers have a responsibility to:

  • Inform themselves about the reality experienced by the communities with which they work and build relationships with communities framed by these realities.
  • Involve communities in a collective analysis of issues, identify common needs and regularly reflect, review, evaluate and reset priorities and objectives.
  • Work towards collective outcomes for the community as a whole rather than the advancement of individuals.
  • Collaborate and build alliances with other groups, organisations and agencies in order to advance key community objectives.
  • Create and enhance conditions for collective action through building solidarity, recognising achievements, learning from success and failure and sharing information on models of good practice.
  • Develop innovative and creative approaches to working with communities and learn from other models of work nationally and globally.
  • Create opportunities for progression in situations of conflict in communities and in the over society of which they are part.

 Illustrations by Form Design