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MRCI Drop-In Centre: 2014 Statistics

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2,076 cases. 109 nationalities. 

Sometimes a case takes just 30 minutes: a person with a simple question about holiday pay, perhaps. A quick chat and some straightforward, expert information from a caseworker, and they’re done.

More often, a case can take weeks or months: assisting a family to fill out complicated forms, gathering supporting documents, writing detailed letters to the authorities, making phonecalls, sending emails, advocating tirelessly and fighting for people at difficult and vulnerable moments in their lives.

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Many of the strongest, most committed and dynamic campaign leaders we work with first came to us through the Drop-In Centre, searching for help navigating Ireland’s complex immigration system or arming themselves with as much knowledge as possible before confronting an exploitative employer.

Our services are free, but you can make sure they continue to exist: donate here.

And if you are in need of information, support or advice on any immigration or employment issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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