Our Impact

Thoya’s Story

MRCI first met Thoya a few years ago. She was a teenager when she was trafficked to Ireland for forced labour. For 3 years Thoya worked as a domestic worker in a private home under slave like conditions. Her work began at 5:30 a.m. and finished around midnight.  Some days she worked until 2:00 am. During this work she was forbidden to leave her employers home. They controlled her actions, here movements and even her communication with her family. She received no payment during this time. Eventually, a visitor to the house noticed she was in distress and contacted MRCI. MRCI took action to rescue her and liaised with the Gardaí to ensure Thoya was placed in safe accommodation.

Today, Thoya is studying community development. She joined MRCI’s Domestic  Workers Action Group which advocates for rights, dignity, and recognition of workers employed in private homes. Through her participation in this group she gained control over her life and began to build confidence. Through training provided by MRCI she became a spokesperson for the campaign to introduce legislation to outlaw Slavery in Ireland.