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Sami’s Story

Sami came to MRCI’s resource centre for help. He was undocumented, homeless and working fourteen hour shifts for a fraction of the minimum wage. Sami became undocumented because his employer refused to renew his work permit, leaving Sami vulnerable, immobile and separated from family. MRCI helped Sami leave this exploitative workplace and to regularize his status. Sami got involved in the work of MRCI and joined MRCI’s ‘Bridging Visa Campaign’, which advocated for those who became undocumented through no fault of their own. A scheme was introduced in 2009 to respond to this group of people and MRCI assisted over 400 migrants to be regularized through it.Justice for the Undocumented Campaign Logo

Sami has become a leader in the Bangladeshi community and within MRCI.  In 2009, Dublin’s Lord Mayor awarded Sami the ‘unsung hero’ award for his dedication to human rights work. Today, Sami is a Chef and MRCI assisted him to reunite with his family. Last year, he became an Irish citizen and continues to help migrants.