Our Impact

Analiza’s Story

Analiza, a young Indian woman, came to Ireland to work as a live-in child minder for a family in Dublin. Forbidden to leave the house or speak to others and forced to work daily without holidays or rest breaks, Analiza was exploited. She was paid €50 per month and at times went hungry because her employers denied her food. Analiza reached breaking point when she was beaten. Fearing for her safety, she escaped by jumping out of her bedroom window. She was brought to the Gardai by a concerned woman and referred to MRCI. MRCI accessed safe accommodation for her, filed a case against her employers, assisted with her immigration status and work permit. Analiza joined MRCI’s Domestic Workers Action Group – a group of migrant domestic workers calling for improved conditions for women employed in private homes.

In 2011, MRCI staff travelled to Galway to celebrate Analiza’s wedding. Analiza asked MRCI to speak on behalf of her family, who were unable to attend due to restrictive immigration policies. Recently, Analiza completed studies in childcare FETAC levels 5 and 6. Today, she is happily employed in a crèche and recently had her first child. MRCI and Analiza continue to work together to help vulnerable migrant workers across Ireland.