Immigration Updates

Practical updates and news about INIS and GNIB

Update on De Facto Relationship Permission to Remain in Ireland

The Irish Immigration and Naturalisation Service have recently introduced an application system for couples wishing to apply for permission to remain in Ireland under de facto relationship scheme. Please find below a link to the application for Immigration Permission for a De Facto Partner: To find more
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Re Form EU1A- Application to be treated as a permitted family member of a Union citizen

Than new Form EU1A, along with an explanatory leaflet, is available now on the Irish Naturalisation Service(INIS) website. All applications submitted from Monday 12th June 2017 must be submitted on this form. Please refer to the EU Treaty Rights webpage at
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An important message for undocumented workers in Ireland

Justice for the Undocumented is fighting for a fair and pragmatic regularisation scheme for undocumented migrants in Ireland, but in the meantime it is vital that you know your rights. If you are a worker in Ireland, your workplace may be inspected
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Atypical Working Scheme: Step-By-Step Guide for Fishermen

Are you an undocumented migrant working as a fisherman in Ireland? You can apply for the NEW Atypical Working Scheme to get your papers. If you are a Non-EEA fisherman working as a crew member on licenced and registered fishing
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NEW government scheme for migrant fishermen in Ireland

Are you a fisherman? Do you have papers? If NOT, you have until May 15th to apply. We are here to help and our services are free. Get in touch: Email: Phone:          01 8897570 (ask for Sancha o
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